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    Unanswered: Copying a DB2 table to another server programmatically

    what is the best way to copy a DB2 table to another server (DB2 too for a start) programmatically? I did some research on CLI, it is pretty easy to copy a table inside the same server, like:
    insert into table2 select * from table1

    but I couldn't find anything except for manually fetching record by record and inserting it to the destination table.

    Thanks in advance

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    Look at Federation ... You can refer to remote tables as nicknames and copy the data across using Cursor Load

    Say you want to copy data from table t10 in db test1db to t100 in db test2db ..

    In test2db, define test1db's t10 as nickname -- say test1db.t10

    declare c1 cursor for select * from test1db.t10
    load from c1 of cursor insert into t100
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