Dear Job Posters and recruiters.

I would like to bring something to your attention.

When posting a position that you are recruiting for, PLEASE post the expected pay RANGE. Regardless of skillsets of potential employees there still has to be an expected pay range in mind. It will save everyone involved a lot of aggravation.

Most of the IT people I know world wide will not bother to respond to ANY ad whatsoever unless the expected pay range is listed. There is a basic assumption that if it is not listed, then it must not be worth it. As I am sure you know IT people in general are very blunt and straight forward, and it seems we have all had one too many bad experiences that completely waste our time.

For instance, last year I was putting out resumes and looking for positions, I responded to several that did not have a pay RANGE listed at all. I ended up getting 5 "offers." The average offer from those 5 was $45 k a year and one was boasting its "generous" offer of $38 k a year. It took me 2 weeks to find out that info, completely wasting my time as I was already employed at $75 k per year.

Likewise, when we are asked to submit salary requirements or history BEFORE we are told what the pay range is, we do not bother to respond. There are too many variables to consider before blindly submitting a required salary. Location, need to move, paid move, scale of economy, housing expenses, etc... etc... etc...

For instance, when I moved to Hawaii, except for housing, pricing on everything I needed here was fairly consistent with the last city I lived in. Some Food is cheap here, especially Asian foods. However, housing is off the scale. I have a house in the last city that is almost 2,000 Sq. Ft. with my mortgage at 70,000. Here... the same 2,000 SqFt. House is closer to $850,000. I currently have a box of an apartment here at like 300 Sq. Ft. and it is costing me $725 a month. (of course i am 2 blocks from the beach too.)

Ever since those, I am now the same as several of my friends. If the pay range is not listed I don’t even bother to respond to it.

So... if you would be so kind as in the future to post expected rages, we would ALL really appreciate it. It will save everyone time and aggravation.

Thank you.

Any members that feel the same, feel free to chime in "Same Here."