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    do you feel the same ? feedback requested.

    Does anyone else agreee with what i wrote about job posters and recruiters should post pay ranges with all ads ? have you had a similar experience ?

    i have submitted the same info /suggestion to several times over the past 5 years. they have done nothing about it yet.
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    Having been on both sides of that fence (wanting employees and wanting an employer), I can't imagine that the rules will change any time soon. No employer is going to put what they are really willing to pay in print up front. There are FAR too many variables for that to be a sane move on their part.

    When you call or email, tell them that you need to know what they're thinking. They'll hem and haw in most cases. You'll quickly get the feeling whether it is worth your time to talk further. If it is a waste of your time to pursue, tell them that... Sometimes the results can be amazing!

    I've been involved in so many job related poker games that it has become an accepted part of the process to me. Even changes within my own firm (which I've made many) involve the same process, but there I have an extreme advantage because I know the other players well. I simply take this as part of the process now.


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    If you were an employer why would it be the slightest bit advantagous to tip your hand immediately? Same goes for a potential employee. I don't walk into an interview and immediately shoot them my lowest acceptable pay rate, that's stupid. When you start asking for salary ranges, you're going to get BIG ranges out of necessity...
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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