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    Unanswered: Refreshing Snapshots


    I just came across the problem that several of the snapshots that I created were not refreshing and I found out that the problem was that the 'job_queue_processes' parameter was set to 0. I now have that corrected, but I have one other question:

    If the job_queue_processs was set to 0 when the snapshots were initially created and the snapshots were not refreshing for several months, will the job refresh schedule automatically resume once the job_queue_processes number was changed or will the snapshots needed to be rebuilt again or refreshed, or etc?


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    is this 8i's version of Materialized Views?
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    Yes, but I have also been creating them on 9i and 10g databases.

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    I think they were called snapshots in 7.x, and were renamed "materialized views" in 8i.

    I would expect the jobs to have been defined when the MVs were created. It is probably worth checking USER_JOBS anyway when starting up the job queue after several months, in case there is a whole stack of jobs in there you don't want.

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    If the refresh jobs are broken, then you will have to manually execute them,
    once this is complete, they will go back to the "normal" schedule.

    Being that the snapshots are as old as you say, you probably want to do a complete refresh on them anyway.

    job_queue_processes - This is an initialization parameter. You will find in the the initxxx.ora initialization file. Ensure that you have a value for this setup.
    You can also change this from:

    sql> alter system set job_queue_processes=x;

    I would try and find out why the processes was set to 0. Maybe there was a
    good reason for it at the time, but probably forgot to set it back.


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