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    Unanswered: Howto jump column up if previous column is empty

    I need to display equipment information. There are 13 different equipments Each equipment can have different properties such as manufacturer, type, etc.
    The number of properties vary with the equipment.

    What is required is that if the property information is available then display the information otherwise do not display the property name and information.
    For example
    Equipment 1 has the following properties/column
    column Value
    Manufacturer abc inc.
    Length 38

    Equipment 2
    Column Value
    Manufacturer xyz company
    Type com

    Now, if Type column of Equipment 1 is empty then column Type should not be on the report. In design time I have to add Type column but if column Type is
    empty I want Length column takes the position of Type column so that there is no blank line on the report.

    Thick of report requirement as mailing label where if Line 2 is empty then Line3 jumps up and fills up the Line2 space so that
    address label does not have any blank lines in a label.

    Also the Equipment columns I have mentioned above will be on group header. Other detail information will be under the group header.

    Please let me know how can I solve this problem. Thanks

    PS:- Pressure from top guys on me is escalating please Help!!!

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    try to place your items into an array then suppress a line in the array if it is null.

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