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    Unanswered: country table

    Can anybody know where i can get a country table with country name in access database. Or if you have one, can you send it to me? Many thanks.

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    you could always generate your own db!

    attached is one that is used in a website
    it was based on UK postal destiantions so it could benefit from some redesign to meet your requirements - it reflects a method of calculating postage so there are oddigties such as multiple UK destinations & BFPO

    you could also look at a more standardised approach for example using the ISO 2 & 3 character country codes. do a search on iso country codes - failing that have a look for IPAddress. I think there is a class in PHP Classes (Ipinfo) whihc lists all counry codes and provides flags for them
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    Thank you so much! It is a big help to me.

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