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    Data warehousing tools

    Looking for resources to evaluate data warehousing tools, whats out there in the market and what experiences people have had. If there is already a thread out there in this just point me to it.

    Requirements are for meduim size warehouse that gets loaded fine, loading of datamarts and front end applications for users. Not something huge, expensive and enterprise level. Something you can drive that does not end up driving you.

    Is there anything out there that has just the end of the process, ie goes fron warehouse to the end without the transformation and integration stuff.

    Thanks and any pointers apprieciated.

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    Data Warehousing is the classic "pick 2" environment. Three important attributes of the warehouse are execution speed (how fast does it run), accuracy (how well does it represent what is being warehoused), and convenience (how easy is it to design/develop/use). You can have at most two of these characteristics.

    A Data Warehouse automator has been a "holy grail" within the industry for years. Whoever finds it will be rich beyond the dreams of most folks. Please let us know if you should find it.


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