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    Unanswered: Get Stored Procedure

    I know you can alter and create stored procedures, but is there a way to select a stored procedure? I rewrote some stored procedures for a database and now I want to go and update all the sites using that database(copies), but first I want to make sure that there were no other changes. So what I want to do is to write a page that will get the current stored procedure, compare it to what it should be, and if they are the same only them update it. Is this at all possible?

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    query on sysobjects and syscomments, and the answer to your question you shall find.
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    This code returns a checksum value on each database object:
    	sum(cast(checksum(syscomments.text) as bigint)) Object_Checksum
    from	sysobjects
    	inner join syscomments on =
    group by,,
    If the checksum value of the old object does not match the checksum value of the new object, then the object definition has changed.
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