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    Unanswered: I need Help for Connect To DB2 with JDBC

    I'd like to know why I Have this problem.

    The DB2 v 5.10 is in a IBM OS/390

    I know the IP, PORt, DBNAME and I'd like to connect to DB2 with my windows XP using JDCB from IBM.

    I use JDBC Universal for DB2 type 4.

    Url = "jdbc:db2://IP:PORT/BDNAME";

    DriverManager.getConnection.... (url, user, pass)..

    If I execute this, I have next problem

    SQL state = null
    Error code = -4499
    There is no available conversion for the source code page, 1208, to the target code page, "". DB2ConnectionCorrelator: null

    Why is this?

    Finally, the web application will running in a AIX IBM with machine, It could be that this machine (aix) can connect with the IBM OS/390 with JDBC for iBM?


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    Use IBM JVM

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    It happens equal

    Quote Originally Posted by n_i
    Use IBM JVM
    I using IBM JVM with eclipse on my windows XP and the error is equal

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