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    Question Unanswered: Split table, now slow?

    Hi all

    I was hoping to get a little advice as to my problem. I have a database with many, many reports, forms and queries. I wanted to split the database to secure the tables and important data. So I use the database splitter wizard and ever thing went just fine. So now my database1 looks into database1_be for all tables.

    My problem is: my program now runs very slow. The slowest seems to be when I am adding a new record. I can live with the slowness of retrieving an existing record. I do not have a server nor can I afford one at this time, so currently I am running a peer-to-peer network with the database1_be located on one of my computers second hard drive.

    Is there something I can do to help speed things up?
    Thanks Enviva

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    A slower reponse is one of the realities of looking over a network for data.

    One suggestion to ameliorate (nice word huh?) the situation is to look at each table in design mode. Change the subdatasheet Name property of each table from the default [auto] to [none]. Do this to the real tables in the back end of course.

    Additionally, do a search for performance in Microsoft's knowledge base for MS Access.
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    If adding records is slow, you will want to look at how many fields and indexes you have on the table. The more you have of each the slower it will be to add records.

    I would look primarily at the indexes and see if any of them can be removed. Any indexes on a boolean field can be removed. Any on fields you don't really search on can be removed.

    You also might try Compacting and Repairing both databases.

    If you look in Tools, Options, Advanced Tab, what is your default Record Locking set to?

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