I've been helping someone install php and the oracle extentions on IIS . PHP itself is running fine, but when we do a test script to connect to the Oracle database, it won't connect.

We're able to connect to Oracle while using SQL*Plus, so we know we have the login right..so why would it not let us connect to the database with php? It's quite possible we've forgotten to tweak one little thing, but we can't figure out what it is. We've uncommented the extention (the ora8 one) in the php.ini file, put the dlls in the SYSTEM32 folder, added the php/ext path to the environment variables, made sure the oracle db is up and running and that we have the right login, but no go.

Anyone have clues on what to check out on a PHP5, IIS, and Oracle 9 setup to get our php script connecting to the database? It's not even saying it can't find the dlls...it just won't connect.

Thank you.