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    Unanswered: db2 - Identity Question

    We are thinking of implementing the Identity solution for a table which can expect a volume of 75k applications created per day. This table has 5 children tables.
    I have few questions on implementing the identity,

    1. Is there any performance bottle neck of using the Identity for creating the Primary Key?
    2. Does this Identity key will get inserted to the child tables automatically when I throw the insert command on the parent table?
    3. Out of the 5 child tables 3 has other parent tables and different primary key. So if my question 2 is true, how does it happen in this scenario?.

    We are running db2 v8,FP 10 running on OS390.


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    1) Depends on what you compare it against . (see some useful info below)

    2) No

    3) N/A (as 2 is no)

    If you are using a monotonically increasing value (like identify), then you may consider asymetrical page split in the index which will reduce the number of page splits.

    Have a look at RCT and see if it will suit you


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