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    Unanswered: MSWorks & Simply Database


    I was hoping that somebody may have encountered something similiar or had some thoughts on what may be the probelm.

    Basically, MSWorks 8.0 is used to keep track of client information. The sistuation is this:

    Two new computers have replaced two older computers in the Office. All necessary information was migrated off of these old machines onto the new machines. The old machines were suffering a problem where a local copy of the database would vanish from the folder it was saved in, or the most recent data inputed into the database would go missing. I have no explanation as to why this would have occured.

    It was my hope that the two new computers would remedy this problem. It did not. There were some network changes however that are worth mentioning. Instead of keeping a local copy of the database, it is stored in C:\Root on a different computer. All business information is now being stored in this location to simplify back-up's, information sharing, etc. Unfortunately, on the new computers, with fresh copies of all software the problem has reared its evil head. Does anybody have any thoughts on why the database would revert to an older version or vanish completely?

    Something not related to a Microsoft product but perhaps still related to the problem is an issue that has suddenly cropped up with Simply Accounting. Simply worked fine on the old computers, however, on the new computers it is not. Simply, will "sometimes" not allow a second user to log (simply is set for multi-usermode) on giving the following errors "Invalid user name and password" (the UID and Pword are correct) or "Another user is modifying the data try back later".

    I know that Simply uses the Jet Engine does MSWorks? If so are there any thoughts on why there would be problems with these two programs? Does MSWorks allow simulatenous editing of a database (ie. User 1 & 2 can both be making changes -- intuitively it seems it shouldn't). I mention this because both people can access the database at the same time, and it seems that the second person making the connection should get the "view read-only option".

    It seems like both these problems could be related.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts you could provide,


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