I am new to mysql cluster. I have set up the mysql cluster following all the instructions as it is in the document ( document taken from www.mysql.com site)
I have set up 1 Management node, 2 data nodes and 1 SQL node.
And I start the management node with the command ndb_mgmd, the data node with ndbd --initial.
When I give the command show in the ndb_mgm prompt I can see that the other data nodes and the SQL node are connected and running. The display that I find when I run show command is the same as depicted in the document. So I assume that the cluster setup has been done properly.
Now I start the mysql server with the option --ndbcluster on the data nodes.
Another thing is that I first start the mysql server with ndbcluster option and then start the management server. I do this because if I start the management server first and then start the mysql server with ndbcluster option I find the ndbcluster engine as disabled. i.e., show engines show up the status of ndbcluster as disabled. So i start the mysql server first and then the management server and after that I start the data nodes.
Now when I try creating a table (ndb engine) I get the error.
ERROR 1050 (42S01): table myndbtable already exists
And when I execute show tables I find no tables with that name.

Please suggest me on what can be done on this issue.
It is too urgent.

Thanks in advance