I'm struggling to find the Procedure Cache Hit Ratio for SQL Server 2005. For SS2000, I would run this query:
SELECT t1.cntr_value,
CONVERT( decimal( 15, 2 ), ( ( t1.cntr_value * 1.0 ) / ( t2.cntr_value * 1.0 ) * 100.0 ) )
FROM master..sysperfinfo t1, master..sysperfinfo t2
WHERE t1.object_name like '%Cache Manager%'
AND t2.object_name like '%Cache Manager%'
AND t1.counter_name = 'Cache Hit Ratio'
AND t2.counter_name = 'Cache Hit Ratio Base'
AND t1.instance_name = t2.instance_name
AND t2.cntr_value > 0
AND t1.instance_name IN ('Procedure Plans')

I'm looking at using the sys.dm_os_performance_counters view, but I'm not seeing anything that relates to Procedure Plans. Should I go with Object Plans?

Any help would be appreciated.