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    Unanswered: Row cannot be located for updating.

    hi all,
    I get an error "Row cannot be located for updating.Some values may have changed since it was last read"
    My environment
    DB : SQL 2005 on windows 2003
    COM+ dll's on windows 2003
    VB 6 (sp6)

    I get a disconnected recordset from a table say "TAB1"
    which has instead of trigger on it, and has a composite primary key (char+char+date)
    ->Add a new record
    ->update on the client side
    and call a function from dll which updates the recordset .

    In the instead of trigger the value for one of the key columns is generated
    and it inserts 1 record into table "TAB1" and 2 other tables.

    This code was working on windows 2000 with sql2000 and com+. There has been no change in the
    client code or db code or the com dll's.
    Only thing is we moved from win 2000 to win 2003 and sql 2000 to sql 2005.

    I tried the same code on a standalone machine with winxp with sql2005 it works !!
    When I issue a insert statement from the com instead of update batch it works !!
    Note : there is only one updatebatch statement issue in the com dll.
    ( I am aware of the problems cause by two updatebatch statements -as mentioned in msdn)

    I had a few other problems after moving to sql2005 but manged to figure them out, but am stuck on this one .
    any clues why this is happening ???

    I already have worked around the problem , so my apps are running but want to know why this is happening.

    Thanks in advance.
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