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    Question Unanswered: Oracle RDB Store Procedure returning RecordSet

    1. Could you please give me code examples for RDB Store procedures
    a. to return the recordset from RDB Store procedure? I need to have the recordset in VB6 like select * from table
    b. pass parameters to store procedure to update table

    2. What is the better approach to manipulate the data in RDB thru VB User interface:
    using ACMS DI or direct ODBC/ADO

    number of users with update privilages = 6.

    Appreciate your time in advance,

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDB
    1. Could you please give me code examples for RDB Store procedures
    I'm sorry but what do you mean by "RDB" ? (wild guess : Relational Database... but do you mean PLSQL ?)

    Quote Originally Posted by DDB
    number of users with update privilages = 6.
    Do you mean 6 users with the "Update any table" privilege ???


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    I'm sorry but what do you mean by "RDB"
    I assume he is referring to the product "Oracle RDB" which is a database system that stems from Digital's RDB/VMS product and has been bought by Oracle about 10 years ago.

    I have never used Oracle RDB, but taking the detailed documentation into account that is available on Oracle's website I'm sure they have the necessary information available. Especially this PDF
    does seem to contain the information you need.


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    Daer DDB,

    Oracle stored procs support a so-called "reference cursor", which is the Oracle-Specific way of returning a result set from a stored procedure. Trouble is, the old VB6 ADO driver from __Microsoft__ did not quite suppirt the reference cursor, or gave it a limited support.

    If you are stuck with VB6, then your best bet is the ADO driver made by Oracle Inc. I successfully used that to get results sets with reference cursors. I regret I don't have code samples at hand.

    BTW - this may not be the right forum for your question. The questions you are asking relate to a particular type of client program (VB6-VBA). You will get better support in a VB specific forum, and they usually have separate sections for ADO.

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