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    Unanswered: recordset

    I have 3 tables:Article,Source and File.
    Each article can have multiple filenames.
    The fields of table Article are:ArticleID,SourceID,ArticleDate,ArticleCategory
    The fields of table Source areourceID,SourceName
    the fields of Table File:ID,ArticleID,Filename
    Select*from Article inner join Source on Article.SourceID=source.SourceID order by ArticleDate
    I obtain a number of recordsets from the above query.
    Then for each recordset(Rs1),Let's say for the first recordset
    I want to apply this query:
    Rs2.Open"Select SourceName,ArticleDate,File.Filename from [RS1] inner Join File on Article.ArticleID=File.ArticleID
    I want from the above query to have the Filenames corresponding to each Article because in my VB
    form I have 2 command buttonsne gives me the article's definition(Date,Source)
    and the other gives me the Filename of the current recordset(Article)
    The above SQL syntax is it correct?

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    why not just join all 3 tables in your 1st query
    select a.ArticleID, a.SourceID, s.SourceName, a.ArticleDate, a.ArticleCategory, f.ID, f.Filename
    from Article a inner join Source s
    on a.SourceID = s.SourceID
    inner join File f
    on a.ArticleID = f.ArticleID
    order by a.ArticleDate

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    KH is correct with the best solution.

    Just as an FYI - you cannot use a recordset in a SQL statement. There are, I believe, 3rd party utilities that allow you to join recordsets and query them a little like you are trying to do but I don't know how well these perform (quite badly I would imagine) and I have never come accross a situation where they are necessary.

    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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