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    Unanswered: Counting Records

    On a form I have two text boxes one to display the total and one to display a total meeting a certain criteria. I can display the total number records in textbox1 but having trouble doing the second one

    control source =count(*)

    I want to do this
    =count(WHERE PRIORITY = "02")

    Unfortuantly I dont know the syntax for this can any one help me.


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    Make it a query ... Set your controlsource to be something like: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM WhateverTableName WHERE (PRIORITY = '02')
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    Thanks owen

    Still not there getting #Name? in the text box lets explain some more

    New Form

    In the header two text boxes where I enter start and stop dates, click a button where it then does me.requery

    The main forms record source is based on the criteria entered above

    I then have several texts boxes the first one displays the total the others are based on certain thing like priority = 1,2,3,4 or 5

    I think, i might look at the record source bit now as I dont need to select records only display stats.

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    Sorted used seperate queries for each condition then used the dcount feature to count the records in that query.

    also scrapped record source for the form as I no longer need it.

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