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    Unanswered: Calculating Time Taken

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    I have a table with 2 fields time logged and time closed, these fields are setup so they contain a date format such as

    dd:mm:yy hh:mm:ss

    I need to create a query where I extract all data where timetaken is less that 2hrs

    When I use excel I can do time closed - time taken and set the format as hh:mm:ss and this will get rid of the actual date part, but i'm not sure what to do in access.

    Again any suggestions would be great.

    Can you create extra fields and have a formula in that???

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    Read this may help.
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    datediff("h",[startdate],[stopdate]) will give you the difference in hours..
    You may put in the criteria of <=2 in a query to pull your report.

    You can replace the "h" with any of these:
    Setting Description
    yyyy Year
    q Quarter
    m Month
    y Day of year
    d Day
    w Weekday
    ww Week
    h Hour
    n Minute
    s Second

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