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    Unanswered: Hibernate bypassing


    I am using hibrenate with oracle in my application.

    My question is that if my application server is still on and i m using hibernate with its cache then is it possible that i can change the database from any other application which is not using hibernate (my be jdbc : odbc).

    Awating for your reply.

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    wow great forum

    no reply or even a suggestion till now

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    I'll be glad to move this post from "Applications & Tools" to the "Oracle" foum for you. My guess is that an Oracle question will probably get more readers and responders in an Oracle forum.


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    It appears that the OP is unwilling or incapable of doing a simple test in order to answer the question himself.
    I wonder how Hibernate could preclude another application from changing any data (other than by locking tables) within an Oracle DB.
    I am willing to bet dollars against donuts that Oracle allows data to be changed; regardless of Hibernate or any other "Application Server".
    Simply put, Oracle RDBMS is client agnostic.
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