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    Unanswered: Non-printable characters in Informix esql/C query

    I am sorry to post again if this issue has been answered already in past. I am tired of searching about how to rectify this problem.

    I have a query being built in eSql/C codes. I get an input string from external sources - C++ or Java code... Now when the query builds and executes - it gives the error message -202 and fails to execute which is as follows on the IBM documentation:
    -202	An illegal character has been found in the statement.
    A character that cannot be interpreted as part of an SQL statement is
    embedded in this statement. If a program constructed the statement, the
    character might be a nonprinting control character. Make sure the
    statement contains only printable ASCII characters, and reexecute it.
    The special character is ^_ (control-underscore, ASCII - 31 in decimal). I don't know how this is getting into the input string . Is this normal/common? I use C-style character arrays to store the input strings and then dynamically build the query string. Any insights as to why this is happening and how to resolve this or any other prospect of something similar to it but different coming into the picture later on...?

    Thanks for all the help until now and for having a patient look. Best regards.
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    Maybe you use program, which automaticaly switch between languages on your keyboard?
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