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    Unanswered: Connecting SQL Server 2005 database with my java program

    Hello, I can a problem with the conection between java aplicattion and SQL SERVER 2005 DATABASE.
    My server name of SQL is PRACTICASINFO\SQLSERVER, and databasename is PGR,

    The code of connection is:

    Class.forName(" verDriver");

    //Specify the ODBC data source
    String sourceURL = "jdbc:sqlserver://PRACTICASINFO\\SQLEXPRESS;DatabaseName=PGR;user=ad min;password=bartolome";

    Connection databaseConnection = DriverManager.getConnection(sourceURL);

    But this is not run, the error is not suitable error or the user admin is not asociatted to secure connection, please help me.

    I´m sorry for my poor english.
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    This sounds more like a Windows/SQL server security issue. Ask this in the Microsoft SQL Server forum, or repost with a full copy of the error and stack traces.

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