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    Unanswered: report questions (conditional sums et al)

    hi, I have a couple of questions about reports:
    1. I have a couple of reports which provide a grand total (running sum) at the bottom, and I need to copy these totals over to another report where further calculations will be performed using these totals. How can I do this? Is there a way maybe that I can store that total value in a table when the report is opened (one of the first ones) that can then be retrieved to put on the 2nd report (with all these totals)

    2. Is there a way to do a conditional running sum on a report ie. for each record, only add its total to the running sum if the contents of another field for that record meet some criteria?


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    I would write an aggregate query based on your source data (not on a report). Then use the aggregate query as the source data for your new report.

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