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    Unanswered: Sync Sybase and SQL server 2000;

    Hi all,

    I have a module in power builder with Sybase database as its backend. The other modules related to the same application are running on Delphi with SQL server as backend.

    My requirement is to sync between the Sybase database and SQL server (2000) in order to update the SQL server with all the transactions ( online ) done in the Sybase database.

    Thanks in advance ,

    Hari Haran Arulmozhi

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    IF you are willing to spend some SERIOUS money, you can replicate from Sybase to SQL Server. It will almost certainly be cheaper to just buy SQL Server, and set up the replication that way. If you are really looking for some pain, you could try to set up PowerBuilder PipeLine objects.

    The question boils down to:

    If you have practically unlimited development time, you can keep the present implementation and write PipeLine objects.

    If you have practically unlimited money, you can buy Sybase Replication.

    If you have limits on either your time or money, buy Microsoft SQL Server.


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    Thanks for your quick reply.

    We have both Sybase and SQL server and time is only constraint not money.

    Could you please suggest me some links which explains step by step setup for heterogeneous replication from SQL server.


    Hari Haran Arulmozhi

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