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    Unanswered: Query: selecting values based on criteria

    I have a table where I keep data for multiple hotels where I hae the following rows

    - Year
    - month
    - country of origin
    - nationality criteria - this field has only 2 options, "f" for foreign and "d" for domestic
    - hotel
    - number of guests
    - number of nightings

    I made a query that returns all values based on year, month and object.

    I want to single out all values in the [number of guests] and [number of nightings] that have the value "d" in the nationality criteria, and to have them sorted under same criteria as mentioned above (year,month,object etc.)

    I used the following syntax: DLookUp("[guests]";"[guest_stat]";"[nationality_criteria] = 'd'").

    As a result I get the same single value in all rows.

    any other way of doing it, or am I doing something wrong?


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    Just add "D" in the criteria for your Nationality field. By the way, you should have just one date field instead of Year and month!

    SELECT tblHotels.Nationality_criteria, tblHotels.NoOfGuests, tblHotels.NoOfNightings
    FROM tblHotels
    WHERE (((tblHotels.Nationality)="d"));

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