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    Unanswered: Replication : Sybase - SQL Server;

    Hi all,

    Have anyone done the replication between Sybase and MS SQL server ?

    Could you please let me know the efficient way to 'PUSH' data from Sybase to MS SQL server or 'PULL' data into MS SQL server from Sybase.


    Hari Haran Arulmozhi

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    The company I used to work for used the Sybase Replication Server product to replicate data from a Sybase source to a Microsoft SQL Server target. We never had any problem with it, but it did require the Sybase Replication Server product, which was fairly pricey.

    I know there were third party heterogeneous replication products out there, but most of them required modification to either the source database to add triggers or 'change tables'. That may have changed since I last looked at this at the turn of the century.

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    Contact your Sybase sales rep. They'll give you a quote for Replication Server (roughly $50,000 US per sever the last that I knew), and should also offer you training options based on your location.


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