fax broadcasting with 3 cents per page

Fax Broadcasting is very quick to implement and gets results.

Assume you are doing a flyer or brochure it will take a week or so to get printed, sorted and then another week to get distributed. Whereas, if you are broadcasting a fax, all you have to do is have the message completed on your computer. You don't even need to print it out! With UnixUSAall you have to do is just e-mail the message to our support team support@unixusa.net and we will do the rest for you.

Normally to send fax to 100 recipients you manually have to type and send fax one after another.With UnixUSA fax broadcasting service, you can broadcast same fax to thousands even millions recipients at a single shot.Sending faxes one by one is not only waste of time but also waste of HR labor cost.

With fax blasting you can save around two weeks in time, and a whole lot of money by faxing compared to mailing or faxing by your self in your office.

Once your fax goes out, you'll find that within seconds of reaching your market, your phone will ring, or your web site will get hits.

Fax broadcasting is a pretty exciting strategy to experience if you have your marketing message right.

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