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    Unanswered: Tools to backup and restore DB

    Hi All,

    I have an Informix database which is 80GB in size and need to transport the database onto another machine for support/testing purposes. However the machine i am transporting it to is not of the same type, size or model.
    I do have the relevant space on the destination machine but the source machine where the database currently resides does not have anough space on there to allow me to perform a dbexport to the file-system and then FTP that file across. I cannot perform a level 0 archive either as both platforms are so different and therefore am thinking of doing an unload using the UNLOAD command whereby i can select which tables i would like to unload and them load up onto the standby machine. However i am facing two difficulties one i do not have the space on my source machine and therefore will need to keep backing up the unloads to a tape and two i need to generate a script so that it will allow me to unload the tables using somesort of whereclause thereby avoiding the tables i don't need.

    Has anyone done something similar before? Has anyone got a script i could use?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Can you nfs a partition of your test machine and do the unload to that partition?

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