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    Unanswered: Copy UID

    Hi ,
    I have a main form where new records are added, one of those fields is
    a autonumber which is a primary key. The user will fill out all the
    fields and open the next form which is bound to a different table but
    has a Foreign key of the last table (which will be blank as its a new
    record in the main table) , i can't figure out how to copy the id from
    the first form and paste it onto the next form in the foreign key field
    on openevent.


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    Something like this I should think....

    in the main Form where you're going to open the second form:

    DoCmd.OpenForm "mySecondFormName", acNormal, , , acFormAdd
    Forms("mySecondFormName").ForeignKeyFieldName = Me.MainFormAutoNumberFieldName

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