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    Unanswered: Newbie Needs Help...PLEASE....

    Hi folks,

    First off, I am new to db's and the like. So if you can help in simple terms I would appreciate it. Below is my situation:

    1. We have a Sybase server running 12.5
    2. The Vendor who set up our application/db mantains it for us.
    3. The Vendor sent the Sybase Db Install CD originally, and I had to pull their teeth to have them send the Open Client CD.

    I have been able to unplack the ASE ODBC Driver, make the reg changes and create a folder for the ODBC dll's (so as not to have the entire Open client stuff on the PC, as it conflicts with another program.)

    I've been able to get the driver to connect to Access 97, and link tables.

    I CAN"T get the dirver to work in Access 200 (the -7748 error).

    I have tried the Workaround2 reg no avail.

    I am not able to get the EBF's from Sybase as the vendor doesn't want to provide support for the ODBC connection. And I feel that this may be why the workaround doesn't work.

    My driver is Sybase ASE ODBC Driver Version

    Is there ANYWAY to get just the updated dll's for the driver?

    Or, as a last alternative...Are there any Open Source Drivers that can get me to link tables from Access to Sybase? I don;t need to write to the Syabse tables at all.

    Also...My client Pc's are WinXP, and Sybase Server is Win 2000.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I forgot to add, that in Access 2000, I can see the table list. It's only when I go to link then to my access database that I get the -7748 error. I am also includiong a copy of my reg file for you to review.


    indows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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    OK, so now I think I found the issue. Apparently I need newer versions of the ASE Drivers.

    Since I can't log into sybase (as I go thru another vendor), I may need to use a different driver.

    Does anyone know of Any open source ASE ODBC Drivers for Windows?

    Or is there a site to just update my dll's?

    Thanks again...and again

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