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    Unanswered: SIGSEGV message on Java core dump while executing DB2 database intensive application


    We are running a DB2 database intensive application and are stymied by a not consistently replicatable error. The details are as follows:

    The Java application selects data from the DB2 database in batches of 50,000 records, processes them and outputs them to text files. The number of records in the database is 2.6 million. Over the past 5 runs of the application, the following has been noted:

    Run 1: Exited program normally. 2.6 million records processed.
    Run 2: Core dump. ~500,000 records processed.
    Run 3: Core dump. ~800,000 records processed.
    Run 4: Core dump. ~1.2 million records processed.
    Run 5: Exited program normally. 2.6 million records processed.

    Following are the environmental details:
    OS Level: AIX

    Java version: 1.3

    DB2 version and fixpack (I wasn't sure of what Fixpack we had therefore I'm pasting the entire response on executing db2level):

    $ db2level
    DB21085I Instance "******" uses DB2 code release "SQL07027" with level
    identifier "03080105" and informational tokens "DB2 v7.1.0.77", "s030303" and

    DB2 type: DB2 Enterprise Edition

    Core Dump Details:

    SIGSEGV received at 0xd311c330 in /CCA/home/tdccadv0//sqllib/lib/libdb2.a. Processing terminated.

    "Thread-Reader" (TID:0x300B1598, sys_thread_t:0x34F4DD58, state:R, native ID:0x90A) prio=5
    at ative Method)
    at owSet( Code))
    at Code))
    at com.zzz.datafeeds.helpers.RecordHelper.processSubS QL( Code))
    at com.zzz.datafeeds.helpers.BookRecordHelper.process ResultSetIntoRecords( d Code))
    at com.zzz.datafeeds.helpers.BookRecordHelper.readRec ords(
    at com.zzz.datafeeds.reader.RecordReader.readData(Rec
    ----- Native Stack -----
    unavailable - iar 0x0 not in text area

    As the program runs sometimes and not some other times, our initial suspicion is an environment related issue.

    Much appreciate your feedback.


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    Is there any information before this happens in your db2diag.log ? The file will be in (instance owner home)/sqllib/db2dump by default ...
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