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    Unanswered: Default value disappears for prim key field

    MS Access 2000 sp3
    When adding a new record to an order file, I have a default value on the ordnum field. It also has a format = "9999\-999". The default value is "0603-".
    When the user clicks on the new rec nav button, the form has the correct default in the ordnum field "0603-". However, when the user trys to key in the remaining 3 digit sequence number (.i.e. result 0603-123), the default value disappears as soon as the use startes to type the first character. The table source is a query that links the order table to the customer table via cust num. When i use only the order table as the form source, this works ok, no issues but i see this issue when i am using a query joining two tables.
    Does anyone have any ideas why or how I can correct this?
    zip file attached with test database
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    on entering a field access marks the contents which is already in .. if u start to type the selection is replaced .. so u hav to set the selection of the text box manually (short program) on the onEnter event of the textbox

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