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    Unanswered: reasons for slower performance

    Greetings all,

    My production machine is currently ASE, and I have a weekly process that runs thru CRON that updates, inserts, and deletes against a number of tables in my main production database. Out of nowhere, this particular process is taking 3 times as long to complete. Yesterday, I restored my development database that runs on a slower machine with a backup copy of my main production database. That same process is now again taking 3 times as long to complete as it was on my production database. What are some possible reasons, why is process is taking so long on the production machine, and then on my development database after a backup - restore? Any insight would be appreciated.


    Patrick Quinn

    TQ3 Navigant Sybase Database Administrator

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    did you try running update stats on the tables & see if it's still taking that much time. you can try this on dev box where you got the production copy. Alternatively you can also check if any key indexes have been dropped or missing which might be causing this issue.

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