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    ASP programmer wanted

    I have a website which targets high school and college students. I want to make the website very attractive, useful, informative, and entertaining. I am purchasing a CMS. It basically has all the Features & Modules that I need. I simply want to enhanced most of them, or should I say, tailored them to my taste/audience.

    I also want to make the website "automatic" (per say). I want my audience to be able to submit contents such as pictures, articles, and so forth.

    there are three things I'll need right away.

    1) I'll need a personal page template that has the following features and more.... (visit: but it got be better / cleaner. It got to look like a personal website. but remember who our audience is... college and high students

    2) to have a photo gallery integrated in the website. I want other people to have access to it by submitting pictures by submitting pictures to it or to their persnal webpage.

    3) to enhance the forum to look similar to... (visit:

    One thing to keep in mind is that we're trying to create an " addictive" website for college and high school students by making it very attractive, useful, informative, and entertaining. Your opinions / recommendations are welcomed. I can't wait to get to know you.

    I will provide a link to see the CMS you'll be working on

    the candidates need to have asp, css, database, and cms experience. He/she also needs to be creative, open-minded and able to add his/her creativity to make the project better.
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    I can make a high quality, nice looking web site for you based on your CMS. Please, take a look at my resume:

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