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    Arrow Unanswered: Compare values in Subreports

    I have a main report with some subreports.

    Let's say on the main report i calculate some totals.

    On the subreports i do the same calculation but on another way as a dubble check. (result should be same)

    Now we have to check manually both results if they match but i see mostly we forgot to do it or do'n do it properly.

    If i can compare the values from different report i can easily make an if (difference not 0 then ...." Values don't match.......

    But the problem is that the values apparently are private and not public so the variables of one report can not be used in another subreport.

    Anybody an idea for the esaiest sollution?

    Many Thanks

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    Anyway that you can do the comparison in a query or queries? Without knowing anything about the data and your reports, I personally would do the comparisons in a query. Then add the results of the query as another subreport that shows whether or not the comparison worked. You can even evaluate the results in the subreport to highlight or beep when the results don't match.

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    Thank you for your reply!

    I guess i will have to do it that way. My report already contains 5 subreports and it's getting really slow.

    I thaugt there should be a possiblity to use the values in other subreports beacuse when you add a subrepport the wizzard asks which field you want to join

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