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    Unanswered: Multiuser access same query


    I have a simple question.

    If I put the database file in the sharing drive, everybody can access it.

    If there are 2 persons access the same query at the same time, will it affect?

    The query is only retrieve data. NOT update/add.

    User 1:
    qry1: criteria: Vendor = "Microsoft"
    Vendor ................

    User 2:
    qry1: criteria: Vendor = "IBM"
    Vendor ................

    I think that it will not affect, right. The query is only retrieve data with criteria.

    Please let me know, thanks.

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    Access Shared Mode

    Yeah, you should be fine as Access can handle something like 65 simultaneous users. Just make sure the db isn't set as "exclusive" and is set to be "shared."

    Open the db, Tools --> Options --> Advanced Tab.

    Make sure *Shared* is selected. Also, make sure the file server (talk to your network admin) doesn't set any exclusive file settings.

    You'd only possibly run into a problem if two people were editing the same record on the same table at the same time, but you said that wasn't going to happen.

    Also, if both people have to make changes to the query (e.g., for the criteria IBM vs. Microsoft), the last one to save it will have the changes saved.

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    Really, the only time that you have problems with store queries in multi-user sessions is when a query in question dumps data into a NAMED table (then the last one to run gets his data, the others get screwed). Most queries when they run, access assigns an internal temporary table name which will prevent such conflicts ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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