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    Help finalizing design

    Dear database forum,

    I am getting closer to the final design. Sometimes I have a flash of understanding, but that usually goes away and is replaced by doubt and confusion.

    Background: This is a Survey (not for a business or they would be in trouble) but for an academic requirement. (however, for your is NOT worth a grade). Anyhow, it will have multiple (exclusive) choice, multiple (inclusive) choices, free text (minimal amount), and likert scale type of questions.

    Basic Paradigm: It could be simplier,but I want to give it scalability. There are these tables: survey, section, question, answers, SurveyQuestions, itemTypes, and responses. The Answers table has a composite key of (survey, question, choice). Even though I don't necessarily need the survey* as part of the is possible that the same question be on two different surveys that have different answer choices.

    My primary questions: 1. do i need tables for each type of question (MC inclusive, MC exclusive, etc.)? 2. in the response table should i record all values even the values that are empty. ie.

    Which animals do you like?
    A. Dog
    B. Cat
    C. Pig

    suppose participant answers A and B, so should I record this into the response table like this

    Choice 1 (Dog)= 1
    Choice 2 (Cat)= 1
    Choice 3 (Pig)= 0

    or just keep track of the "yes"'s
    Choice 1 (Dog)= 1
    Choice 2 (Cat)= 1

    here is my design so far, look at my design and critic it please.

    *P.S. basic design by Barry Williams database answers.

    P.s.s. is the triple relationship necessary?
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    in general is a "tree" the optimal structure (as in my attached relationship table) or a "cycles" acceptable and/or necessary?

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