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    Unanswered: heirarchical menus help

    I'm trying to do a bit of stuff in Excel, and it HAS to be Excel. I'm used to working with SQL Server, MysQL and Oracle, and with a background in PHP, this would normaly be easy, but I rarely use Excel.

    I have 3 columns, one contains a top level of items,the second column contains the corresponding sub-level of items, and the third a further sub-level.


    fruit apples cox
    fruit apples golden delicious
    fruit oranges clemetine
    fruit oranges tangerine
    veg potato baking
    veg potato maris

    I want to create a system of selction (drop down menu or some-such) that will allow the selection of one of the top levels, and then will create a secondary drop down to allow selection of a child level, and so on until the third level is selected, and in doing so, passes a predefined value to another cell.



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    This can be done with a combination of Data>Validation..., named ranges and INDIRECT.

    See the attached file.
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