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    Unanswered: Detect Enter Key

    Hi I am currently using the preg_replace fuction and arrays to incorporate BBCODE into the forum of a current project...I noticed however if a user neatly typed a few paragraphs of text the paragraphs would not show when posted and written to the database instead it would all cramp together...

    All I wished to know what is there is a way to preg_replace "enter" and change it to [br] when the post is displayed...The code would then be written as something like:

    PHP Code:
    $pattern = array('/\ENTER/is');
    $replace = array('<br>');

    I thought about using ASCII code which I think is 13 but I am not sure how I could put that in this text form...

    Anyone know??


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    Do you mean the newline character "\n"?

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    Ok don't worry...thanks for the reply...I have instead written a PHP code which detects the return key being pressed and when it does inserts [br] into the text ok I suppose

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