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    Unanswered: Open the MS Access database in outlook

    Please ignore this message. Thanks.
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    what are you actually trying to send?
    you have sent the shortcut, which would work if the recipient had the same office installation
    had the same db stored on the same location
    had the same workgroupfile in the same location

    if you want to send the shortcut to the db, then I would expect instead of a drive reference a network URL

    eg inplace of c:\db1.mdb I would expect to see soemthing like
    \\accessman2\db1.mdb (assuming of course that your pc was called "accessman2"

    but is that what you are doing, are you trying to get the 'other' person to access your copy of db1 or open a copy / local version of the file

    should you even be letting someone else open your copy of the file, shouldn't it reside on a network accessible drive.
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    Thank you. I try it again. Thanks.
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