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    Question The Troublesome schema. What IS the solution???

    Hi guys and girls. I was hoping you could confirm my thoughts.
    I am required to map this out.

    Question : What is your society's main sources of income? Pliease tick boxes relevant to your main sources of income and estimate its percentage of your total income.

    Government funding [box] Percentage .......
    Public donation [box] Percentage........
    Membership subscriptions [box] Percentage........
    Other, please describe [box] Percentage........

    I have included a gif with the schema I am using.
    I am using the percentage value as a yes tick and 0 (zero) if not ticked and the 'income_source_other' table for the 'Other, please describe' value, if it is selected which stores its description and value.

    Could someone help me out to confirm this schema to be correct or make some suggestions.

    Thanks a mIllion guys.
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