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    Unanswered: SQL Performance monitoring

    I have been seeing some strange stuff in my dynamic sql snapshots.For e.g. some statements are showing total exec time (in sec) close to 750 but the user_cpu_exec_time is in millisecs. Again when this app is running the sql is showing on the statement snapshot with a stmt_start_time and nulls for stmt_end_time , however i see some other sql running for that app when i turn on event monitor.Similaryly when i take application snapshot i dont see the same sql that i see on the statement monitor.
    Does the statement monitor reflect only the starting sql of a current UOW ? If there are multiple sql's in a UOW will i not be able to see the subequent ones using that ? I am using Quest and it reflects the statement monitor. The number of database requests keeps increasing for the current UOW but the sql itself does not change .
    Has anyone seen a simlar situation to this ? I wld appreciate if someone can tell me why i am seeing these differences ?

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    have you updated monitor switch statement
    db2 update monitor switch using statement on
    ... timestamp on
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    Yes - all the monitor switches are turned on

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