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    Unanswered: Adding a new node in Control Centre.

    Hi all:

    My env. is: Windows 2000 sp3.
    DB2 DB2 v8.1.8.762.

    In my Local Control Center I try to add 2 new remote nodes to my env. but
    one node success and the other fails.
    Both of the remote servers are in the same remote site:
    - Server1: Windows 2000, Db2. 8.1.8
    - Server2: Windows 2003, Db2. 8.1.8.

    When I add Server 1 it is added with no problem, but when I try to add.
    Server 2, CC shows the message: SQL22205C Unexpected error.
    Anyone know anything about this.?
    Pls. help.

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    add node

    always do it manually if the gui fails ...
    db2 catalog tcpip node xx remote servername-address server portnbr
    db2 catalog db zz at node xx
    db2 catalog admin node ....
    and see the errors...
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
    DB2/ORA/SQL Services
    DB2 DBA & Advanced DBA Certified
    DB2 Dprop Certified

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    Manually it worked!

    Thanks a lot...

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