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    Red face Unanswered: query from mssql to sybase sucks


    I got a big problem. I try to run a query on ms query analyzer or my .net-app, but in both cause, it wouldn't work. when i run the query in ms query analyzer it returns me this error-message:

    Der aktuelle Zeilenwert der [verkauf_online]..[hs].[std_ftext].text-Spalte konnte nicht vom OLE DB-Provider 'MSDASQL' gelesen werden.
    [OLE/DB provider returned message: Die angeforderte Konvertierung wird nicht unterstützt.]
    OLE DB-Fehlertrace [OLE/DB Provider 'MSDASQL' IRowset::GetData returned 0x80040e1d].

    sorry, its in german, i know but the most important fact is, that a conversion failed. i tried to read a text-field from a sybase asa-8-database which is linked with a ms sql-server 2000. I tried to find out more about the error-messe an the error-code (x80040e1d) but i couldn't find anything helpful.

    Now, I just hope some of you can maybe help me.

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    What I would probably do to avoid such conversion errors would be to make a view in Sybase which has all columns as varchar( or equivalent in sybase) and then query this view.
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    thanks, but...

    thanks very much, but...

    ...I am not the dba from the sybase db, just the guy who should extract some data from it.

    Another way is a odbc-connection in but the i got 2 db-connections, also 2 times more to do, 2 times more problems, etc. you know what i mean...


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