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    Unanswered: Date covered by from / to date

    I'm really having a haggle here with Access, as I would solve this in a jiffy using SQL-Server.

    I have two fields in a record, a FROM date and a TO date.

    I need to do a query that checks if a given date (this case 31/12/05) is inside the range defined by the FROM date and TO date.

    How to do so in Access?

    SELECT dbo_Plademærkelinie.Plademærkenummer
    FROM dbo_Plademærkelinie
    WHERE (((#12/31/2005#) Between [dbo_Plademærkelinie].[Fra dato] And [dbo_Plademærkelinie].[Til dato]));
    Is an example of it...
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    that's exactly how you do it

    are you getting an error message or something? | @rudydotca
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    The query looks fine, how are you using it - as a native jet query or in code as a ADO or DAO recordset?
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