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    Unanswered: Export Access Query to Multiple Worksheets


    Can anyone help with this? (Not too sure if this is an Access problem or Excel)

    I have an Access Query, which I want to export into Excel, but I would like it to create different worksheets based on grouped information;

    ie, the field i need it grouped by is called Town/City, what I would like it to do is to create a worksheet for each Town/City listed and place corresponding data in each worksheet.

    I am aware its possible to do this if I had seperate queries for each Town/city and then run them all via a Macro, but that means creating new queries each time a new city is added.

    Is this at all possible?



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    your lucky day

    Ha, ive spent the last month trying to work this out and ive only just got it.

    Your going to need to modify it abit, I havent tested it fully yet but it should work for you.

    Heres a test database, pull out of it what you want. One problem you may run into is this was written on Access 2003, if you get an error then goto:

    Build Event --> Tools --> References --> And unselect Excel Object 11.0, instead replace it with Excel Object 9.0 (for Access 2000) or Object 10.0 (for Access XP).

    Any questions feel free to ask.

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    I tried to download your test file for the query to multiple sheets, but get a error message that the file or folder is corrupted and it wont open.

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