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    Question Unanswered: Use of access module or not

    Hi everybody.
    I work for a little insurance company in France.
    My company is actually installing db2 on zos (mainframe) and cobol. As we don't have no DBA, i would have some answers about a question:
    - What would be the advantages or disadvantages about
    1/ Writting an unique access module for each table (this module would have lots of fonctions)
    For example if the Table has three rows, when i do my select, it would have 6 fonctions because there are 6 possibilities about the where clause and may be 12 possibilities if we add the order by / group by clause
    2/ Coding all sql order in the program

    If theres is a DBA or poeple who knows DB very well here, any advice would be great.

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    In our company we have used since 1992 the first option (before that, we used option 2). But now it seems to be, that it was a misstake, because if you use access modules...
    a) you can't use SQL JOINS - leading to performance problems
    b) you will read too many columns. Each and every column adds your CPU-cost.
    c) SQL is an interface to the database. Why should you build an interface over an interface?

    Yours, Bill

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