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    Unanswered: referencing tabs

    Is it possible to reference to a particular tab on a form?

    for example i would like to create a button which allows the user to open a form on a particular tab

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    The only way I know of to do that is to open the form and set the OpenArgs parameter to the page number you want to default to. In the form you are opening you will have to look at Me.Openargs and move to the page that was specified.

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    I'm assuming by opening a Form on a Tab you mean a SubForm in a Tab...

    To open a particular Tab you can use the following within the OnClick event of your Command Button:


    Tabs are referenced from left to right as 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. The above example will open the second Tab of the Tab Control named myTabControlName.

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    referencing tab control

    or for a tab control...

    Select case me!tbcntrl
    case 1
    me!mySubFrm.sourceobject = "someformname1"
    case 2
    me!mySubFrm.sourceobject = "someformname2"
    case 3
    me!mySubFrm.sourceobject = "someformname3"
    end select

    But you probably want to use the On Change property for the code above.
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