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    Unanswered: Write Conflict Error messages in Access Front end with Oracle Backend

    I have an MS Access database that we recently moved to Oracle.
    It was working fine in Access, the forms are bound to the tables - I don't use ADO or DAO to populate them.
    Since we've moved the tables to Oracle and I've connected them via ODBC users receive write conflict error messages randomly, although in the second day or release more and more conflicts are occuring.
    Does anyone have any idea what is wrong?
    The forms work most of the time, but just the odd record gets like this and then there is nothing that can be done to make a change. Two users aren't in the same record, the database kicks them out first thing when the form loads if there is another user accessing the same record.
    Any help is appreaciated.
    Do you need to do commit statements when using Oracle --> Access?


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    Do you need more info?

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    If you really really want to overcome this, I would suggest you drop the Access forms at once and re-write the whole thing into more sophisticated software for Oracle (like HTML-DB). But, anyways, I believe you woulnd't have the time to invest on this - it is possible that access, given its natures of not being a real multi-user database, locks the records in order to modify them.. reason you're getting locks and things like that. The mechanism behind both databases are very different and thus errors are likely to come if the applications are left to be the same.

    Sorry, but this seems like not really an answer to fix your problem on the fly, but rather requires time to fix.

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    It is hard to help with an error when your don't tell us what the error is. What error EXACTLY is access giving.
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